PC and Server Optimisation

Have you noticed that your PC seems slower than it used to be? It is a common question and the answer is almost always ‘yes’. Or quite often ‘YES’! Well let’s look at this from a more domestic point of view: If you had a car for 5 years, drove it every day but had never had it in for a service, would you expect it to be working perfectly? No, of course not. PCs and servers are no different in this regard to cars. They need regular ‘servicing’. They get clogged up with old bits of files and forgotten pieces of information that get in the way when the PC or server is trying to do things.

That’s where PC and Server Optimisation come it. It is like taking you machine for an MOT. You will be surprised just how much difference it can make.

Software patching and upgrading are performed as part of the optimisation process and pre-arranged hardware upgrades can also be carried out.

For convenience, server optimisation can be carried out outside of business hours.