Managed Support Plans

Wolfden offers a range of off the shelf managed support plans. These allow our clients to pick and choose what they wish to be covered and what level of cover they would prefer.

However, experience has shown that each client’s requirements are unique and to that aim Wolfden are always happy to put together a bespoke support package tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

Our ‘off-the-shelf’ packages include:

If your company uses internal servers then they need maintaining. If they are not maintained they will deteriate and may fail. Wolfden offers a quarterly maintenance service for servers. This is run outside normal business hours for your convenience and to reduce impact on your productivity. A typical server maintenance run takes 8 hours, however, multiple servers can be maintained in this period. This is an essential service for any company that does not have a high-level IT consultant available onsite and has been proven to extend the life of vital components within a server.
As with servers, PCs need maintaining. The difference is that PCs get ‘clogged up’ much quicker that servers. The good news is that much of the required maintenance can be automated, so once it is setup it can be left to run itself indefinately. Which means that hands-on maintenance only needs to be carried out when a problem occurs or at a regular period as required.
The Monitoring Contract is one of our most popular products. What is better that fixing problems as soon after they happen as possible? How about fixing them before you know they have happened? With the Monitoring Contract Wolfden install a small application on your PCs and Servers which monitor the health of the systems and send alerts directly to Wolfden whenever a situation occurs. We can then contact you and discuss how to overcome the problem or if you have taken out the Remote Support Contract, we will dial in directly and fix the problem and the first you will know about it is when we call you to tell you the problem is fixed. The monitoring program also gathers details of how hard systems are working which could indicate if certain areas of your infrastructure could do with upgrading or replacing to meet the demand being put on them.
One of the big problems of outsourcing your IT is not knowing how much to budget for it – or indeed as a small business if you will have the cash available to buy it. That is where Schedulede Onsite Support comes in. This Contract allows you to Pre-book a Consultant to visit your premises at an interval determined by you. This is very useful if you have lots of annoying little IT problems that keep cropping up and you do not know who to turn to for solutions. If you know that your friendly local consultant will be round, then you can make a list of all your niggles and use that immortal phrase that all IT people know so well: ‘While you are here…’! And we will happily sort it all out for you.
Remote Support allows Wolfden to gain access to your PCs and Servers from offsite. There are various ways this can be achieved depending on the client’s requirements. This means that if you have a problem we do not have to spend time gettting to your offices, we can fix the problem from wherever we are. This Contract is often linked with the 24/7 Monitoring Contract to form a very rapid response package.
Most support companies have a strict 9:00 to 5:30 policy and will only do major work such as new server installs or infrastructure upgrades out-of-hours. Wolfden feel that this is a bit mean. We prefer to work with our clients to find a balance between convenience and cost. Out-of-hours work will cost you a bit more, but nothing astronomical and the saving in productivity will usually more than make up for it.
As with Scheduled Support, Pre-payed Support allows clients to better manage their budgets by setting aside money for all forms of IT support and paying for it in advance. Since this is good for Wolfden’s budgeting as well, we offer reduced rates if clients are willing to pre-pay for support – a Win-Win solution!


If any of these Solutions sound interesting or if they raise questions you would like answering, then please give us a call to discuss them further.