Technology Audit

The work ‘audit’ strikes fear into the heart of most business owners; It implies expense, lost time and interuptions. However, a technology audit takes very little time (usually much less than a day), causes very little interference to people so they can continue doing their work uninterrupted and almost always reveals ways to improve, repair and/or fix problems that you may not even be aware you had.

During the audit process we will discuss your business: What you do, how you do it and how you currently use IT to help you achieve your business goals. We will also discuss any future plans or ideas you have for moving forward with your business. This gives us a better idea of how your business ticks. Which in turn leads us to having a better understanding of how I.T. can help you achieve your business needs. Obviously anything you tell us is strictly confidential and is only used to help us better understand your business.

Once we have gathered all the data we need, we will analyse the results and call to discuss any immediate issues or problems that have been flagged up. At this point you can commission us to produce a detailed Audit Report for a small feeĀ  which shows your current I.T. infrastructure, any immediate problems and how to fix them. We will also include suggestions on how to use I.T. to achieve any business needs – either current or future – that you may have mentioned during our conversations.

We can either send the report to you or arrange a meeting so that we can discuss our findings.

You are then free to either apply the fixes yourself, go to another provider to get the work done or speak to us about implementing some or all of the changes we have suggested. The choice is always yours.