Remote Working

Remote WorkingHow many times have you got home from work and realised that you need access to files or emails that are back in the office? Or you need to work from home so you can be in to receive a parcel?

Most people these days have a PC at home or use a laptop which they take back and forth to the office. So there
you are with a PC available at home but no access to your files back in the office.

This is were remote working comes in. There are various solutions depending on the level of IT you have in the office and Wolfden have implemented all of them over the years!

Alternatively, you may just want access to your emails while you are out of the office. Modern technologies make this very easy whether you use a ‘smart’ phone or a ‘blackberry’ (the device not the fruit!).

Do you occationally need to have a face-to-face chat with a client or colleague but there is no way to meet up because of geographic difficulties? No problem, Video Conferencing is no longer the expensive option it once was. You could be having a four-way video chat whenever and wherever you need in no time at all.

So why not call for a chat or drop us a line and we can discuss which of the many ways of remote working would work best for your business.

Remote Working 2