Patching and Updating

Keeping PCs and Servers up-to-date with the latest patches is one of the most time consuming and problematic tasks faced by companies.

Even patches from major software companies such as Microsoft are not guarenteed to work without any ‘side-effects’. A similar problem is faced when upgrading software to the latest versions.

So how do you apply the latest updates without the risk of bringing your PC or server to it’s knees?
The answer is easy: Get someone else to do it for you! Wolfden only apply patches that have been thoroughly tested and confirmed working. We are constantly trackingĀ  patches and changes to major software packages to ensure they are appropriate for our clients. Infact we are beta testers for some of the major software houses which means we know what software is up and coming and what changes our clients can expect in upcoming releases.

We provide PC Maintenance and Server Maintenance contracts which guarentee that your equipment is up-to-dateĀ  and working. As well as one off Optimisation Services. Updates are applied to your PC while you PC is not in use or at a pre-arranged time to best suite your business.

Patching Process