Ad-hoc Consultancy

Wolfden have been around since 1997 and in that time have been asked to do  everything from setup a PC so a home user can access their work network remotely; to office moves; to centralising and de-centralising offices; to linking multiple sites together so that all employees can share the same information seemlessly; and everything else I.T. related that you can imagine.

Some of the most popular requests are:
·     Server Upgrade / Install
·     Office Move or Initial setup
·     Small Business Server Setup
·     Backup Solutions
·     Remote Collaberation
·     Disater Recovery Planning
·     Remote Working
·     Reducing Total Cost of Ownership
·     Infrastructure Analysis
·     Wireless Networks
We can cover just about anything that our clients throw at us, however, if the request is too specialised for us we will tell you so and point you in the direction of someone who can help, usually a company we already know and trust who also  know how to talk to you in plain english rather than techno babble.